DFV / DFR V8, 90.00mm Bore

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Cosworth DFV / DFR 90.00mm

Part No. L3932 / L3933 / L3934

We stock Three variations of the DFR / DFV 90.00mm wet type liner:

All manufactured in Ductile Iron and with a fully honed bore @ 90.00mm.

Part Numbers:

L3932: 90.00mm Bore, with a Standard size Lower Spigot dimension @ 96.749/96.774

L3933: 90.00mm Bore, with a +0.010” Oversize Lower Spigot @ 97.002/97.026

L3934: 90.00mm Bore, with a +0.020” Oversize Lower Spigot @ 97.257/97.282

Inside DiameterOutside DiameterLengthFlange DiameterFlange Depth

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