306 1.6 / 1.8 Litre

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Peugeot / Citroen 1.6 / 1.9 Litre Ductile Liner 83.00mm

Part No. L3881 / L3889

Peugeot Engines:

  • XU5 J/JA, 1580cc
  • XU5S, 171C, XB, 1580cc
  • XU52C, 1580cc
  • XU52C, 1580cc
  • XU5M, 1580cc
  • XU9, J1, 1905cc
  • XU5 JPZ, 1580cc
  • XU5J, 1580cc
  • XU9 JA, XU 92C, 1905cc
  • XU9JA, XU 92C, 1905cc
  • XU7 JPK, JPZ, 1762cc
  • XU92C, 1905cc
  • XU9 JAZ, 1891cc
  • XU9M, 1891cc

L3881: 83.00mm Fully Finished Bore, Ductile Material

L3889: 83.50mm Fully Finished Bore, Ductile Material

Same as Mahle : 039 WN 24

We are able to produce these wet type Peugeot liners with increased bore size, please enquire.

L 3881 - Cylinder Repair Liner
L 3889 - Cylinder Repair Liner
Inside DiameterOutside DiameterLengthFlange DiameterFlange Depth

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